Recordings of Music by Hubert Howe

Harmonic and Inharmonic Fantasies (2019)

Harmonic Fantasies 3 and 4,
Inharmonic Fantasies 3, 4, 5
and 8
Centaur Records, CRC 3579.

Clusters (2011)

Clusters, Inharmonic Fantasy No. 2, Timbre Study No. 7,
Pi, Macro Structure 2, 19-tone Clusters, Groans

Ravello Records, RR 7817.
Available from

Temperamental Music and Created Sounds (2006)

Scrunch!, Meditation, Harmonic Fantasy,Inharmonic Fantasy,
Fantasy on the Square Roots of Two and Three
and LongGong
Capstone Records, CPS-8771.
Available from

Filtered Music (2003)

Mosaic, Cacophony II, Timbre Study No. 6, Luminescence and Freeze
Capstone Records, CPS-8719.
Available from Discogs.

Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, Volume 1 (2002)

Improvisation No. 3
Available from EMF Media, CDe # EM131.

Overtone Music (2001)

Timbre Study No. 5, Improvisation No. 2, Improvisation No. 3,
Improvisation No. 4,
and Cacophony
Capstone Records, CPS-8678.
Available from

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